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The best indicator I’ve found to show a bullish pattern is to see more price movement in that same range. Since it takes roughly a month for the prices to move up and down in a trend, a pattern has to last. But, I like to call these streaks bulls only, so I would refer to these short price streaks bulls only.

In my opinion, the best way to make money is to identify a profitable pattern and enter the trade. Once the trader has identified the pattern, enter the trade in the proper timeframe. The best trade to enter is into the following timeframe; the longer the duration, the larger the profit.

The easiest way to identify the best time to enter, is to first identify the most profitable trades. Next, consider if you don’t want to enter. After considering this, decide on a trade that suits your risk profile.

Here is an example of a profitable pattern I have found; a breakout from the $17 to $35 price range in the last 3 months. This trader would enter the trade and enter at the time that is a “buy” position.

In summary, to profit, a trader needs to first identify a trend, determine which timeframe that they want to enter. Then they should make decisions to enter at the price that will maximize profit.

What is your favorite bull market?

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