How do I cancel swing trader? – Swing Trading Indicators Forex Mt5

You can cancel swing trader by logging into your account at any time.

If you no longer have time to make a trading order, you may also cancel the order by logging into the trader’s account (it is free to check what is in the trader’s account under Trading account or ‘My Orders’ in the trader’s profile).

If you cancel a swing trade, you will forfeit any deposit value. You may only perform the swing trade for one trader. As a result, you can only cancel a trader once in a 24 hour period. You may not cancel the order of a trader you have cancelled and do not control.

How do I get the trader’s account to show on the right screen when buying, selling or selecting?

This section tells you how to open the trader’s account and where to download the trader’s account information.

How do I delete the trader’s account?

To stop the trader from accessing your account, log into your account using the same password as used for accessing the trader. You can do this by logging into your account, selecting ‘Manage your account’ or ‘Edit user profile’. When the trader’s username and password are entered, select ‘Delete account’.

How do I delete a trader who has already made a trade?

The trader will be unable to withdraw, sell or transfer funds. Any proceeds from the trader’s withdrawal or sell will be returned to the trader.

The trader can change their password or withdraw if they wish by logging in to their account or by visiting the account settings page.

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