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If you can pay for it yourself, the annual interest rate for a fixed-rate home mortgage or a fixed-rate 30-year fixed loan with a 3.0 per cent annual interest rate is 2.75 per cent. If you can’t pay for it yourself, the annual interest rate for a fixed-rate 30-year fixed loan with a 3.25 per cent annual interest rate is 5.25 per cent. Either way, you’ll pay a lot more if you qualify for a new mortgage. The federal government’s “Canada Student Loan Program” charges a 0.25 per cent fee for any borrower who is paying on an unsubsidized student loan.

How many hours to get a job?

You can get a job with a three-month work permit, but you’re not guaranteed a job for three months. For instance, someone with a two-month work permit can actually be expected to work for three months, depending on what skills they have and if you’re willing to work a minimum number of hours.

How much do I have to save?

After taking the LSAT, you have to save somewhere between 10 and 20 per cent of your net income at a minimum, which means you have to save between 3 to 6 per cent of your net income every year until you’re able to pay off your student loan. If you have less than 3 per cent savings available every year, you won’t be able to pay off your loan.

How do I apply for a loan?

If you applied for a student loan in 2014, you’ll receive a letter from your student loan lender asking for information. You must answer each question carefully. Your application will be sent to the Department of Education, which then uses your information to determine your financial eligibility for your loan.

What are the minimum requirements?

Each student loan will be evaluated individually by the loan processor. The criteria include your credit score, employment history, your education level, and, if applicable, the job you want, but it is unlikely that any two students will meet the same criteria. If you’ve previously taken the LSAT, you’ll have some familiarity with the application process, but you’ll likely be asked some very personal questions which may be out of date depending on your experience with the institution, how much time you’ve been waiting for your loans, and how much interest rate you expect.

You will be asked to send your application along with at least the following items:

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