How much money do you need to be a swing trader?

The amount of money you need to be a hedge trader in order to be qualified will change depending on your investment goals. The best thing to do with a goal of $2 million or more would be to invest a total of at least $100 million. If you’re going to be a hedge trader in retirement that could double the amount in just two years! For less, the minimum amount is $50,000, which will allow you to start a hedge fund if a financial advisor gives you the green light.

Is Wall Street a good investment for retirees?

Yes! I’ve worked closely with hedge fund managers and they are extremely successful investors. Most hedge fund managers are actually very successful bankers – and not the hedge fund manager! Some banks will lend their clients millions of dollars, but are they profitable? I don’t know because every day when he closes a new trading position, he does so knowing that there is only $6-7 billion or so of profit left in the bank.

If you know Wall Street to be a good investment for you, then you should have no problems getting a job with any brokerage firm. If however, you have financial needs where you need to be a hedge fund manager, I highly recommend checking out the careers in Financial Services at Wall Street. It’s the only non-stock trading career you will find where many hedge fund managers work as stock analysts and investment analysts. That said, my personal recommendation is to find out if someone can offer you a position with a hedge fund – and if they can’t, then the best thing to do is to work for a traditional brokerage and make a large income while trying to become a stock analyst. And don’t forget to check out hedge fund investments – these are not always the most effective types of investments because they can be risky.

Which finance firm should I talk to?

There are very few financial firms that specialize in retirement investing. I don’t know any hedge fund managers who will help you build a new retirement fund. If you know of someone else who will help then it would be nice if they would get in touch with me and let me know.

Should I consider an annuity and other investing strategies?

No, you should consider a Roth IRA and buying stocks before you enter retirement. If the stock market is going down, it’s better to hold the stock, and if its going up, it’s better to hold the stock and buy more shares while it is going up. The best way