How much money do you need to trade for a living? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Investing

This question was very close to my heart last night as I thought about the number one question on my mind: Does Money Matter?

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In the past few years, money is one of the biggest influencers in my life. I get asked the question “how much should I do?” on a daily basis. I have been asked for a job. I have been asked for a raise. I have been asked how much I should make. And I am not sure which one is bigger?

If I were to try to answer this question without even touching on the subjects involved (money, money management, money investment), I’d be making a great statement. I’d be a genius.

If we were going to answer it from an intuitive standpoint – I would probably say:

If you need money to eat a decent meal every day, you should probably spend it on things you consider food. We’ve all heard the same story of how the first item we purchase is always the best option (because it’ll help us survive for a little longer), and that’s kind of what we should be doing. If you want to have money, you should spend it on things you care about. For instance, if you want to have more money, you should buy things you can rely on, like something that will help make food easier to obtain and something that will also make life easier for yourself.

Money is important. If you feel like spending a lot of money, but aren’t sure how to spend it, or if you’re not sure if it’s actually a great investment for your future, it may be wiser to spend it on things you truly care about rather than things that help you survive. This will allow you to actually live a long life. But do you really have to spend the majority of your paycheck every month, or have more savings money to help you do so?

A few weeks ago, I ran into an advisor named Steve Strogatz. We had never talked before. He was very excited to meet me. Since then we’ve been speaking and I’ve found his advice incredibly helpful.

The conversation he had with me was in this post:

The conversation I had with Steve Strogatz after I’d run into him at a networking event

He said something along the lines of, “You should be focusing on things that matter to you, like saving for an emergency room or buying more nutritious food, etc.”

I was amazed at the sentiment expressed

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