How much money do you need to trade for a living?

How much time do you have, to complete the trade? What is your ideal trade? What do you like about that trade?

If you are a student that is looking for a career, if you want to pursue a professional trade it is a good idea to go and get your license, get your business certificate and obtain your business license. All these things are important, so in order to begin your life as an actual trader in the game you will need to go through business schools, go to conferences, and be introduced by your business mentor through a tutorial.

Before You Start

So you are just getting started and you just bought the game? Well yes you are and no, you are not just sitting there watching all this. You have probably already started your trading career, there is something called a trading school, which is where you go and sit for a 3 days a week (or more) and learn the ins and outs of trading and how to get started.

In order to trade you must have an account with the game so you can trade and buy and sell. However some people have no problem with that, some people prefer not to do that, they prefer to make a lot of money or they want to play without ever having to play. Now for someone who does not have an account with the game but does have an account with a broker and wants to make money doing things that are not part of the game, then you can do what I mean, if you play the game you must play some of it.

Start Trading

If you started your trading career and don’t know where to start, what is the first step you should take? Well firstly make sure you have your account with the game open. What is better, to play a game you have to own it or have an account with the game open so you can buy and sell. Also do yourself a favor and have your account with the game open as well as one open with a broker that you know and trust.

Now we need to make you a deposit into your account. Now we are talking about deposits, like all bank accounts it is mandatory to deposit 100 gold to your account before we do anything with it. So this is the deposit that you need to make and it is only the first deposit, the next thing to do is to make your account free. The next thing you need to do is to sell everything that you have bought. This means all items and anything in your inventory.