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Technical Analysis is dead, it’s just a new term used to describe a specific analysis tool called a ‘technical model’.

It is used for modelling the impact on customers of technical decisions made over a particular period of time.

However, I have heard some people say that Technical Analysis is just a new term to describe a specific tool called a ‘technical model’ and even think that companies are taking advantage of people who understand the term Technical Analyst in marketing.

To sum up, Technical Analysis is dead, it should be called Marketing Intelligence and Analytics (which I am writing in this blog post).

I wish that someone had actually pointed this out to me, as I had heard the term Technical Analysis used around a lot.

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When is Technical Analysis a new term?

Technological analysts started to use different terminology in the nineties.

But since then, a certain trend has emerged

Technical analysts are now using terms like ‘Hadoop’, ‘Hadoop Dataflow’, ‘Big Data’, etc.

Now the term Technical Analyst is now seen from different perspectives than back in the nineties

Nowadays, technical analysts are not just using the term Technical Analysts, they are also ‘Technically Connected’ too!

In the previous post, I told you about the relationship between Marketing and Technical Management (this post is now about Software Engineering ).

The last part in a series of blogs where I have discussed software development and the technical team and the role of the technical manager.

This blog post is about the same type of questions related to software development.

If you are interested in understanding how software development is implemented, then you must learn about technical and organizational knowledge on the way.

So lets review what is the role of the technical manager in software?

The role of a technical manager is to make sense of the complexities of the implementation and to provide clear decision making.

As a technical manager, you will be the one who decides, on what aspects and where is a process implemented? And when is a new feature implemented?

There may be other technical managers in your organization who also deal with this kind of information.

A technical manager may also come across a technology or technology stack and help the IT team choose which features can be installed by which team within the architecture of the business.

Let me show you what I mean:

Let me ask you a hypothetical story about how a

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