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The most important lesson I can give you as a novice stock trader is that if you don’t know it, do not sell or buy a stock. As a beginner you want to know what a stock is likely to do in the next 3-6 months before you buy, sell, or decide to buy.

If you know when prices rise or fall, and can predict what price and pattern is most likely, you are a likely buy.

The recent announcement of the new Star Citizen alpha has been greeted with excitement and fear by many backers. This is not the first time this type of thing has happened with Star Citizen, but it is the first time a big game has gone into closed-alpha and not emerged from it. Star Citizen will be looking to take advantage of the fact that the release of their Alpha 2.0 will be just 5 months from this point, and they will begin pre-production this fall. While pre-production is a necessary part of any successful project, this has led to some rather dire predictions of how the game would look.

There was much excitement to see how their Alpha 2.0 would go; many backers were expecting to see something more akin to a mod than what has now been built. However, there were some who worried that by focusing so much on their own game’s features, that they might not be able to focus on the quality of their final game.

Some players pointed out the game’s lack of any story lines or quests, but even so, there were many backers who felt that things weren’t progressing smoothly enough for their liking. The community was even upset at the thought of no longer being able to see the latest development. For some of you, it may not be such a huge deal; you probably just wish for the “next game”, and it is hard enough to keep up with how things progress. However, for many other backers who have been following the project, especially on both Star Citizen subreddit and Twitter and Facebook, this is a huge deal.

After seeing how this has affected the forums, and the number of replies it has received, I have decided to write a post to clear up some confusion and speculation. In some ways I feel this will be the best way I can to clear some things up if I can, to some extent, help Star Citizen deliver on that promise of a “Next Star Citizen” and not just another $60 game that has no “next-game” in it.

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