What is a price swing? – Thinkorswim Swing Trading Scanner

How much does it take to drive a particular car off the road? How fast of a car is a certain model going to go and what happens if you drive it with a lot more speed? There are many types of pricing that can be considered on any given model. These are called price points. The higher the price point, the more you are paying up front (when you order it) and the more you are paying up-front when you get it. The higher the price point, the more your car is likely to get traded for a higher price at a later date.

There are two general types of price swings:

Dollar gains (discussed in detail below)

Dollar losses (discussed in detail below)

These are all prices changes that the company will experience when the price point of the car gets pushed higher (or lower) than it originally was. A typical example of this will be during a vehicle’s manufacture or transfer to a new owner. For all dealerships, any increase or decrease in the price point will cause them to price the entire vehicle more to receive the added savings. Because of this, you will generally find that the price in your bank account is only going to reflect the actual price change! You will not have any more or less than normal cash on hand, either.

How do Price Swings happen?

If any of the above changes happen to your car in your account, your car will only be trading for a lower price at a later date. If it stays the same, it will get traded at the old price and you will receive nothing at all for a while. (Remember, this only happens if any of these three things happen to your car:

You drop your vehicle in favor of a newer option like a better model.

You buy a new or used model.

The price of a new car is high.

You drive a newer model.

If all of these things happen, your car will only be available for a higher price at a later date, even though you didn’t really drop your old car. This is known as the Dollar Shifts for a reason.

What are Dollar Swings?

How do they work?

First off, let’s take what’s considered a normal price and put our hypothetical car at it:






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