What is a swing low in trading?

It’s typically one of those moments when there are just too many potential buyers with too many “wins” at the same price.

But for a big market, it can look great: A large dip or rise can get traders off the ledge and into the market again, pushing up the price again.

To learn more about market timing, follow these three simple steps:

SINGAPORE – Four of the seven men sentenced to death in the so-called “Nai Chong” gang massacre were convicted in June 2015, sentencing them to death in a single-judge hearing, a Supreme Court judge said Tuesday (June 15).

District Judge Josephine Lim sentenced the four men to death after they were convicted of participating in the June 2011 “Nai Chong” gang shooting on Pasir Ris.

The men were not convicted of taking part in the shooting and the “Nai Chong” incident took place in a neighbourhood that is not in the Pasir Ris area, a lower court had ruled.

The four men, who had already been executed, were the only four members of seven convicted of the June 2011 gang shooting who did not take part in the shooting and the incident, Judge Lim said.

They were sentenced for killing a man who was running around shouting for help in a Pasir Ris lane near a restaurant and for robbing six people in two separate armed robberies on June 11, 2012.
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None of them had any prior convictions for violence or property destruction.

The men received death sentences on the grounds that they were all involved in the shooting and were involved in the robbery, Judge Lim said.

The four men had been executed in a single-judge trial held in November 2015, the Supreme Court said in its ruling on Friday (June 20).

They did not seek review as they had already been executed at a single-judge trial in November last year, Judge Lim said.

The three members of the seven who were acquitted were not convicted of any of the charges, leaving them to accept the verdict of the trial judge.

They accepted that there was a conspiracy but were not convicted of any acts constituting a crime under the Criminal Code.

The “Nai Chong” incident also took place in a residential area, Judge Lim said, noting that the victims had different motives for trying to help and that they had different guns.

For example, the victim killed the man because he had robbed him.