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SMART is an open source implementation of the SMART protocol. SMART is a high performance fault tolerant mechanism used in a variety of electronic circuits and devices. SMART consists of a series of fault tolerant fault detection and trace analysis techniques, called SMART fault trace and fault characterization techniques (the TAFD and TDD). SMART faults can be mapped to multiple physical areas of a semiconductor (SMART chips are commonly found in integrated circuits, but can also be found on memory chips). SMART traces are very useful when analyzing circuits or devices and they are very useful when troubleshooting.

With SMART, we can look at the traces of a chip (often to identify defects), trace errors, or error conditions, and correlate the fault paths and trace paths to the fault areas to understand why they are happening. The SMART trace can be compared to the trace of an airplane on a flight plan.

If you find a fault on a component, you can go through every physical area of it and map all the faults, which are known as faults. At the same time you can map the trace for the trace errors or errors that can’t be traced back to the fault point. If you see a fault, you can trace it on your computer (you have a trace log), or you can download a trace and trace it yourself on your cell phone (you can use the Smartphone Trace Logging app). You can search for the trace on the site of the fault area, and if you see a trace, you can easily identify it. For more information from TAC, the SMART Reference Manual, the SMART-1 Reference Manual, and the SMART-1.1 Reference Manual, visit their site at http://www.tac.org/products/smartsafety/.

SMA50 was designed with the intention of making it easy for the user to determine fault trace and trace error events from the most typical hardware platforms such as smartphones, embedded systems, and servers. For this reason, it uses the SMART trace and trace error mechanisms, in conjunction with SMART Fault Analysis techniques, to solve many high-performance fault detection situations. SMART FAST is a free open source, programmable fault tracing standard that includes over 40 basic fault trace and trace error analysis methods. In many situations SMART trace and trace error analysis will be more effective than SMART fault detectability. For more information on this, see the SMART FAST reference manual, http://www.

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