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A group of doctors have been barred from taking part in the country’s controversial new health insurance scheme because they might become “unavailable”; the new scheme has triggered fears of “socialised medicine”.

Dr Michael Burt, of Leicester University’s School of Medicine, and Dr Mary Rutter, of the University of Nottingham, were forced to abandon a meeting and leave the National Health Service (NHS) altogether in August when their health policies began being disrupted.

The doctors, who had come to give advice at the first meeting of the clinical trials advisory group in London on 1 July, have been ordered to remain out of the scheme for at least six months.

The doctors said that once “a patient’s personal and financial interests have been sufficiently aligned to give rise to undue financial pressure”, they were automatically unable to attend meetings.

“For doctors, it is the job of the National Health Service to protect patients from the potential damage that would result if they were unable to get the right treatment on time and at the best price, but that responsibility is not imposed on them by the health care system,” said Dr Burt. “It has to be protected from a rogue doctor.”

Dr Rutter added: “Doctors are not government appointees, they are not responsible for patient care, and any decision to withdraw them from a patient care policy is not made by the government.

“These doctors’ views have every right and a duty to speak as freely and honestly as they wish to, but if people want to treat them as if they were government appointees, that will not be tolerated.”

The decision by the Clinical Trials Advisory Group (CTAG) of the UK government to exclude the doctors from taking part in a health-care scheme came after the Association of Medical Professors (AMPs) called on the group to suspend the “unacceptable” proposal.

The group, which includes doctors from all 50 states and territories, including four from England, met on 15 June to discuss their “care plans”, which range from patient education to the design of trials.

At the time of the meeting, Dr Rutter said: “I do believe that they want to get this policy right and want to see it implemented but I don’t see how you implement that right given your medical

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