What is the average income of a day trader? – Swing Trading For Dummies

According to Wikipedia, the average day trader in the UK is a trader who trades one or more days a week, but it could simply be more if they are active in more of a daily trading role. They are generally more senior than the average trader in their profession and may be at the top of their company’s career path. The average day trader is probably earning about £12,000 for working one day each week or more, and this is based on a variety of factors such as location, the number of trading days and trading volume.

How much does it cost to get started?

You can begin trading as soon as you graduate from a level 1 degree and can access it at any level you may wish. After graduation you will either want to go straight into trading for a professional position, get trading licence, or both. As a new trader you can start at around £150,000 and as a professional trader from £350,000.

How much is a trading license?

Trading licenses are required from traders to buy or sell financial products, or to conduct research. The licensing fee is around £1,000, which covers the cost of a background investigation. As a financial company you need to take a personal training course and a pre-licensing exam to gain your licence and to become an employee.

How much does a stockbroker earn?

A registered stockbroker earns £125,000 for working on an average day and is usually on the top of someone’s professional path. It is not guaranteed nor is it common to have more than one stockbroker working in the same team. One of the keys to making the best money is to have a good trading group. Many traders will meet up and trade on a quarterly basis or a monthly basis. These monthly meetings are also used to work out where trading is going ahead. The number of traders in your trading group is key. For example, if you have 50 traders in your group your hourly earnings are £50,000 per year.
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If you are doing a degree in finance, how long will it take me to become a successful business owner?

The amount of money to get started trading really depends on what degree you have and how advanced or senior you are. However, there are steps to make it quicker and more efficient. The most important step is to choose a broker who is going to trade with you for your trading licence. There are lots of brokers for sale and some are more

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