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We can think of the average trading day as an hour at the office, a weekend in the park, or a vacation. Most traders work a single job, so we divide time between jobs using the following formula:

$20 – the number of hours you worked at the previous job * ($50 – the hourly wage / 35.4)

The actual hourly wage is less important than how well you work; so, for example, your minimum wage may not make sense if you trade with high hours. The more important thing is to work enough hours every day to get an average hourly wage that is less than your previous job.

Now we need to figure out the “day trader” who has just come out of retirement to trade on a regular basis. It’s pretty easy, right? The formula gives us the number of trading days in a month (1,280), the average daily trading volume ($100,000), and the total hourly wage paid during a four-hour trading day. As such, the calculations give us the following:

I haven’t really been able to find an answer to this, but I thought it would be helpful.

I have a couple of things I would like to set up:

iTunes – On iOS, right-click on the song/album you want to purchase and select iTunes > Purchase Music.

Amazon (or whichever website you’re using to purchase your Amazon gifts – this is where your money is going)

Amazon MP3s – I bought a copy of The Red Pill by A Voice for Men to listen on Audible – but I don’t have it available for free. (The Red Pill is now available for free, but in audiobook format – I’ve just moved the audiobook download to my ebook collection)

So basically, I’ve been reading (or listening to) and listening to the Red Pill at least once a day (currently listening to it at around 15-20 minute intervals), and I am unsure if I’m supposed to have all three (iTunes, Amazon, and Amazon MP3s) or if I should have only one. Is there a way to have all three while not wasting my time? (or if I should switch to one or something else to spend my time on? or is the only way I want to spend my time?)

If anyone has any ideas, I’d really appreciate it!

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