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It depends on what you do with your money each day. If you’re in a big account, it might be good for you to invest in the index funds and invest in currencies. If you’re just starting out, then you might want to just hold on to cash, and buy an exchange traded fund or another fund based on different ETFs and currencies.

How long do I need to keep your money?

It depends how much money you want to invest. We usually recommend holding on to about 3 or 4 times your net worth in cash and stocks or other non-tangible assets until you are reasonably certain you’ll have $2,000 or more in all investments by the time you retire.

What can you take out?

Any money you can save up from the index fund should be taken out. You can’t just invest it. Any unused contribution will be rolled into your existing retirement account.

Do you charge a service fee?

No. Please note that because this book is based on the principles and practices of real-life investment management, we may require the use of some financial or administrative services. Fees for these services will be included as part of our package. You can read further information about the fees we charge on our website.

How much are the services?

Please note that our services include:

The development, production and management of our website

Your own digital investment account management

Information technology services to track, store and manage your portfolio

An interactive online trading platform

Our services are provided by real companies. In reality, we have never met them, nor have we reviewed their corporate practices. As such, we are limited by law by providing information about their current practices. If you want to find out their real practices, contact the company directly.

Do I need to be a CXF member to use this book?

Not necessarily. If you subscribe to the CXF, and you buy your own stocks, then it’s your choice whether or not to invest in the index funds. But to find out why other investors think we do a great job of delivering a top-notch service, read our article “The best real-life investment platform,” which includes several tips we have gleaned from talking to our clients.

How often do you make updates?

We make each book available about once a year. There are some things that are not released from time to time, but

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