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This question and many others like it are not entirely cut and dried. We can certainly tell them different because that’s how the world works. A lot of it is just opinion and experience. It would take a significant amount of effort to find out if this really is what they’re doing, but I feel I know a lot about this trade, and a good chunk of it. And this is not just for our readers. I’ve made these bets with several different people and have found them to be more consistent.

A former senior aide to Hillary Clinton — Huma Abedin — has apparently taken on a new role in the Clinton campaign.

In a report by the Daily Caller, a political news outlet, Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, has managed to “retired” from her job as a top aide to Clinton.

Her new role is in a different communications firm founded by Huma’s brother, Anthony Weiner. Huma is “working across the board,” “helping to lead all [Clinton’s] presidential efforts and campaign plans,” according to the Daily Caller.
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But what has Huma doing? In addition to “helping to lead all [Clinton’s] presidential efforts and campaign plans” the former aide has apparently had some time on her hands in her “new role,” which began on July 1 as deputy chief of staff to the campaign.

In a post on the Democratic candidate’s website, Weiner says he’s not surprised her move.

Weiner says Huma has a keen “emotional intelligence” and she is “a real asset” to the campaign.

Weiner then tells his followers to “go take advantage of this new opportunity she’s given us,” to which the crowd responds with cheers. He ends the message with a shoutout to Abedin and his longtime friend, David Brock, “for making this move possible.”

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The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to revisit its last major case on freedom of speech, saying it was too soon to make a ruling on the case of the University

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