Which type of trading is most profitable?

“Trading to a new account and the most profitable type is buying (or selling) your account in the new account trading section,” said Mikey T. Yim, general manager, Hong Kong.

Some experts advise that you do not trade a few days after a new account was opened. If the broker doesn’t ask for proof of your identity and you already have an existing account (or if you are just signing up for the account), then you can just trade a few days after the new account was posted.

For example, if you trade the first time the account was opened, then you must be able to do it, right? According to Yim, you can’t actually trade a few days after a new account was created if we aren’t sure who you are and we don’t have proof of identity.

“Some exchanges are not clear about whom to contact so you should get in touch with them if you are looking for trading advice at all [and] if it is not clear to you who to contact, and you don’t want to contact an exchange in the first place,” he said.

Why do you tell me this when it seems like someone has a point?

“We are not really telling you anything right now. We don’t really know who you are, where you live is not really clear. If you do come through the channels that we have, we won’t charge you any fee,” Yim said adding, “If you don’t want to go through direct channels, you may want to find another broker where you need to have an account and you want to be compensated for your labor.”

If you have to go through the direct channels, then we are telling you that you have to be able to give us your personal information.
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Some people may argue that there are many options when it comes to buying, selling and transferring money, but it can be extremely difficult with multiple financial services brokers, including those such as Western Union which charge for transactions.

“If you decide to make more money by trading, you may want to have another broker,” Yim said. “If there are no other options in terms of the cost, the fee, the volume or fees, there is more chance of making money by trading on a platform that isn’t based on your personal information.”

Do I have to do something for a fee, or is there no fee?

In Hong Kong, if you buy shares or other securities online