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No one knows!

The UK-based businessman was one of a number of men and women on a US government website that were exposed after hackers broke into the site and used data and personal information about people linked to the website. The list, which was exposed by the US-based security firm Proofpoint late last month, included some 2,000 people with a number of occupations and businesses in the trade. At least five of them used to advise firms like Deloitte.

The list has only been on the website for about 90 days and people who have been put on it are not aware they are on it, it has been reported. This is unusual, as previous lists published on the website have been the result of security breaches in the past. The list, which was released by the US-based security firm Proofpoint, was stolen by an ex-employee, who hacked the website and deleted personal details belonging to some 2,000 people. He then posted the data on a security forum, allowing other hackers to use it.

David Curnock Cook (@davecurnockcook) We have received information that shows the Deloitte data has been accessed, stolen, and then used by a hacker who has used personal details of Deloitte staff. https://t.co/7LKqE9zJNy

The list was shared by David Cameron and Tim Cook, the former Apple founder, in a series of Tweets on Sunday evening. “These guys used Deloitte data – not just to cheat and fraud, but to run a business,” he said. “If we did enough of this, we could win them the lottery or at least be able to run our own games to win.”

The tweet included an image showing a copy of the information about the Deloitte data being distributed via Twitter, including an avatar of someone wearing a Deloitte shirt, and the hashtag “@Deloitte”.

In the UK it is not known if the lists or emails have been accessed. The list of 2,000 people, according to the Proofpoint blogpost, was stolen from an ex-employee who also used the Deloitte database to run his own business, and then posted on a web forum. The ex-employee was fired from his job two years ago after a series of criminal charges related to the hacking, the blogpost said.

At the time the list was made public the company denied that information had been stolen

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