Are tattoos haram? – Rose Tattoo Designs

In Islam, it is permissible (halal) for women to have their body decorations covered, as long as they do not remove their hijab (head wearing veil). Some Muslim scholars also argue that any hair covering over her face is also permitted, in case a man sees her and finds out that she has a beard or a mole. A few Muslim scholars also argue that such tattoos are not haram.

Do people have to follow the law of the Prophet?

Yes, all Muslims are obliged to follow the dictates of the Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding every aspect of their life. These include laws about clothes and grooming and even about their behaviour. Some Muslim scholars believe that a man can still choose to wear a hijab while dating a woman, although he may not wear it while attending a masjid.

What should the husband do with his wives’ tattoos?

Muslim scholars have said that women should not get tattoos, except those that serve a purpose (e. g. keeping in shape) or are for religious reasons. But the issue of tattoos is not only for women; men are also obligated to comply with their wives’ orders. If any tattoos are seen, a husband should take them off. In addition, if the man sees that his wife’s tattoos are causing him distress and trouble, he can divorce her.

If the husband believes that his wife’s tattoos are not a sign of ill intentions but rather a physical sign of her commitment to his religion, he should continue to respect her religious convictions, and try to ease the issue between them.

Do Muslim scholars regard tattoos as a sign of promiscuity?

Yes. Tattoos can be considered as a sign of promiscuity, and they can have an adverse affect on the wife in her religious life:

An unkempt tattoo has to be washed by a qadi, who removes it from the body first. The same applies to a badly hidden nail, a tattoo on any part of the body, or a tattoo of the face.

Some tattoo artists have even taught men in Islam the art of tattooing, whereby the tattoos they present are all hidden. Men can also learn about tattoos from the books of Surah al-Maidah.

Most tattoo artists do not work in the same way as those who work in the Muslim population; instead, they do their work with a specific focus and a limited pool of clients, such as students, doctors and nurses.

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