Are tattoos haram? – Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs For Men Forearm Sleeve

Yes, but that doesn’t make them haram. They are haram.

Some people have tattoos to express themselves.
Hawaiian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Some people have tattoos to make themselves look different.

Allah says:

“O you who believe! Let not the unbelievers draw near to you out of envy when you are together with them, and invite the unbelievers to your hospitality, for I am with you, not with a disbeliever, and you are not a party to mischief in the land.” Qur’an 6:140 (And it is not for a disbeliever to approach the believers of faith until they approach him; and he will be turned to them, and they shall turn to him)

Therefore, if one is not drawing near to them, and they are not inviting them to their hospitality, it is not Haram to have an inkling that they are Muslims. And if someone is drawing near to you, and you have not invited him to your hospitality, it is Haram to have an inkling that he is not a Muslim.


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