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No one is saying you have to stay in the house, no one’s saying your child shouldn’t have tattoos.

But I think if we can make tattooing healthy, and less hazardous — that’s where the healing stops.

[Mental illness] is like a contagious disease with the skin on the body. It can get you in a lot of hot water.

And how important is the idea that the skin has a purpose? Are people saying it’s harmful for the skin to have these marks?

In terms of my skin, I haven’t done anything in my life that I wasn’t happy about. My mom, who is a mental health patient, told me, ‘If you get an addiction, you can’t have an addiction to your skin.’

We’re so concerned about the health of our bodies. Our skin, when it gets sick, it’ll get sick. But if tattoos are the most benign thing to do within your body, then my skin needs none of that. I have my skin in a relatively good state.

What’s your personal message to adults who don’t get tattoos?

I think we can start an education about healthy body practices. Not everyone’s so happy about tattoos. You have to ask yourself if you want that tattoo, because it might not be best for you.

For me, I haven’t even had a close call with that sort of thing — in that I’ve never been seriously harmed. When the tattoo-a-thon thing started, I knew I was going to do it; it was the easiest thing to deal with at the time.

If someone gets a tattoo, no one’s even asking, ‘Isn’t that good?’ It’s more like, ‘Hey, have a nice day!’ You can go to work anyway. Just be safe about it.

Are women more likely to get a tattoo than men?

It depends on where you’re at, how old you are, your body, that sort of thing. With adults and young children it varies from country to country, age to age.

It’s still pretty uncommon, but the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics — they all recommend that no adult should have any sort of procedure that involves putting tattoo material on their skin.

Is there any reason why no one’s tattooed young adults yet?

A man was shot at about 1 a.m. Tuesday on the east side, police said.

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