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I’ve heard that it’s easier for those with high net worth to remarry if the divorce was amicable and the couple had a lot to gain financially. Is that true?

A. There are some circumstances under which it is legal for a divorced spouse to remarry.

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Q. When would divorce become irrevocable?

A. “Irrevocable” means the spouses’ relationship has changed beyond that of a “spiritual marriage.” The Supreme Court has said that a divorce can only be made effective after the parties have separated for no longer than two years.

Q. Can a married couple have children together when both are divorced?

A. Yes, except in situations where one spouse is living with a former spouse, such as spousal adoption.

Q. Could a divorced Catholic marry again to a woman who is also divorced?

A. Yes, but only in certain circumstances. This is a special sort of marriage, because it is a marriage of one man and one woman — not a marriage of two couples that live together and have children.

In such marriages, children are typically divided as such : A father can be married to a woman only if the woman already is married to another man. A woman may also be married to only one man or one woman. A husband and wife who live together for a period of time, or one spouse only, may be legally married if the marriage itself is valid and recognized and the two spouses live together until death.

Q. Does an ex-husband or wife have the right to get married again?

A. The question may come up frequently during marriage counseling: How does one know if he or she will have a happy, fulfilling marriage when divorced? That’s because, in most states, your spouse cannot become the next spouse until you and the other spouse divorce. After the divorce agreement, however, your ex-spouse can become the next spouse based on the agreement.

Q. How about an ex-wife — are she divorced or not?

A. Unless there is a written agreement between the divorced wife and husband, there is no court or authority that will determine whether or not the wife is divorced. Therefore, if a man marries an ex-wife, he cannot then return to live with her, or have any children with her as a spouse.

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