Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – Small Tattoo Designs For Women Ankle Bracelets

We don’t have a tribal tattoo at this time. We also haven’t had any new tribes come in.

Do you keep a tally of the number of followers and visitors?

No we don’t keep a tally of visitors, we have the usual email/sales emails. Since the tribe was founded, we have been about 40% visitor and 60% follower.

What is a good way to stay up to date with tribes on the web and your progress?

I like to keep up with all new tribes. This way I can stay abreast of what is going on and what they are doing.

What tribes do you subscribe to?

We use a lot of our own tribes. I follow a lot of my parents so if I don’t make it there they know who to reach out to.

How much of the “art” is from the tribes themselves and how much from the audience?

You can tell the artists to go wild or not take risks.

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve seen or done at a tribe?

There is some great art at some of the tribes. The most outrageous thing I was involved with was one of my parents and the tribe. They are so proud of it the tribe gave it away and we were the ones who had to pay it and donate all of the profits. They had so much fun with it. I was so excited!

Do you have a favorite tribe name?

The one that stuck around was ‘The Ghetto’. It is a really catchy name.

If we were to get a tribe name did you like it?

We couldn’t.

Do you have a favorite tribe’s name, or any other tribe names that you’ve worked with?

We are always asked if there is anything we can do to give out an amazing name and if that happens if there are a majority vote we might do that.

What are some of the most common questions you have heard about tribes? Any favorite/dislike questions and what are they?

Most of the questions we get are about our bands. The fans love it, we listen to the comments and think of our own bands too. We also get a lot of questions about the other bands. Most of them ask us the name of the other band.

Tell us a little about your favorite band or artist?

There are so many great artists we are proud to

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