Can anyone get a tribal tattoo? – Tattoo Designs For Women’s Legs/Thigh

Why would everyone with any sense want a tribal tattoo?

I have heard people say that tribal tattoos are more of a mark of honor, but I think it is only a mark of pride. We are the same as everyone else, and we do like to keep our faces clean.

What is tattooing best for? Why would anyone want a tribal tattoo?

My tattooist, M.H., is an expert at giving me tattoos which are both stylistically and aesthetically pleasing.

What is tattooing worst for? Why would anyone want a tribal tattoo?

Any tattoo that doesn’t look good in color, but is done well.

Is there anything you would tell your self? What tattooing mistakes to avoid?

My biggest tattoo mistake (and I am talking about my own choices, not that of my clients) was the tattoo we did for my friend, Mr. S, who has a tattoo on his hip that reads “HOPE”. I did it because while I would like to see hope in people, it doesn’t make sense to see a tattoo that says hope. It would be fine if Mr. S had been an actual athlete, but he is not, so I decided to do his tattoo. I regret this and have learned a lot since then about my own tattoo choices.

A couple weeks ago I took up my father’s suggestion that I have a tribal tattoo. We did a good job on the design and it has been doing well for about a month. I want to go back and get a design like mine done, but I am afraid I will get that tattoo.

The only reason it doesn’t look as good anymore is because of the time I spent making it. To me it is an important detail and would make a world of difference to someone else who had the tattoo. So why would you want to give this to someone else? What was the reason?

I would tell people to be thankful that the person you were helping wasn’t a jerk, or had a criminal record, or just didn’t think they could go outside (to a public park, for instance). It is an honor to help someone who cannot walk anywhere and to have some sense of pride while doing it.

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