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Is there a Samoan national team?

No. The Samoan National Team competed under the name Samoa Warriors in the 2000-01 season but was later re-named to the Samoa Chiefs.

Wasn’t there a Samoan World Cup?

No, although the Samoan Rugby Union did hold an inaugural World Cup in 1983 and 1984 before moving forward to the European Champions’ Cup. Samoan rugby did not hold a second Pacific Games in 2004 or 2006.

What was the Samoan National Anthem?

In 1987 the Samoan national anthem was written by a panel comprised of sports minister Simon Tamaki, chief of police Mato Grosso Ngene and singer Mafikola Kaholene, who, when asked by the BBC in 2003, said “It’s my song,” referring to the song he wrote.

How many Samoans were in the British Army during World War II?

The British Army counted 664 Samoans among its overseas service personnel. Among them were one Samoan who had served on the Royal Flying Corps.

In the first battle in the Battle of Tassiliu in 1940, there were Samoans among 3,500 Australian soldiers in Gallipoli.

Do Samoans still eat pork?

There are few references to pork in Samoan language. There are examples of references to pork in Samoan culture (though it would take too much time to enumerate).

How many people are killed in each Samoan volcano eruption?

A report from the Samoan Ministry of Mines says there have been 7,532 earthquakes near Mount Akaria and 13 explosions in Akaria alone since 1992, with most of the deaths recorded since 1995.

Why doesn’t Samoan national cricket team play in Britain?

While the team has played a few matches in the UK, Samoan national cricket team won’t be able to take part in British and European tournaments and are not part of the British national set-up.

Why do Samoans and Europeans dislike each other?

The Samoan National Youth Cricket Board has accused the European Cricket Council of trying to divide the nation, although neither the ECC nor the Samoan Cricket Board accepts the allegation. In 2007, following the tragic deaths of a young Samoan boy and his mother, the European Cricket Council suspended the European team from all upcoming European events including the World Cup in Bangladesh. The Samoan national board

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