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Samoan people have been tattooing their skin for millennia. There are many ancient Samoan tattoos to be found all over the world. They are not just the stereotypical “red head with a beard” kind of tattoos. There are more than a few different styles and designs. Sometimes it’s just a circle, sometimes it’s a pentagram, other times it’s a big ‘o’. There are also some amazing Samoan women who are tattooing their skin.

What do some people say about them?

Many people believe that those who get tattoos are either crazy, or self loathing. If someone gets a tattoo, they are telling the world what they want to see in their skin. It’s a way to change your identity and show your true self. It might mean you get a black-and-white facial tattooed on both eyes, a full sleeve, or even some sort of tribal design on your chest.

What do you eat?

Samoan cuisine has many elements in common with other cultures: meat, seafood, cheese, and even a lot of fish.

What’s the culture like there?

The Samoan culture is still pretty new and there hasn’t been a lot of contact between the Samoan people and the Australian-born Samoan. But if people really want to get to know some of these people, then there’s no better way than by visiting a Samoan village or visiting some Samoan resorts.

Where do you get your inspiration?

A lot of these ideas come from the people who I think are doing the best Samoan Tattoos to share with people. I think one of the better Tattoo Artists around is Peter O’Connell. He’s got a whole bunch of Samoan tattooed on him so I’m sure you can see some of those designs. You can see more of his more creative, unique designs all over his website:

He does a great job of expressing the Samoan culture, and I like those other Tattoos as well. The other day I was thinking that Samoan tattoos are some of the best tattoos of the world, so I thought about those people, and the Samoan culture…then I thought “I can’t believe they are all still standing here looking at me with their tattoos!”
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What is the history of these tattoos and are they still standing?

The oldest tattoo in Australia is a Samoan design that has

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