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Yes, you can get Samoan tattoos if you travel to the Pacific island nation. The country is known for one of the most successful tattoo shops for that special someone. With more than 100 tattoo shops around the island, every tattooing tradition stands a chance at growing.

Do tattoos have to be permanent?

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Yes. Samoan tattoos are permanent, which means the skin is only covered with a tattoo for the life of the tattoo artist or until it begins to age. The tattoo artist will determine if the scars become a part of the skin and it’s not necessary for them to be visible in the first place.

The skin will look normal after the tattoo, but it’s important to do nothing to the skin before the tattoo in order to minimize the effects of the scar. The artist will take a picture during your tattoo to record any changes and also record your tattoo signature. Also, you may want to get a tattoo if you wish, but only after discussing it with the artist and it’s safe to ask him or her about it later.

What tattoos do Samoan people tattoo?

There are more than a dozen tattoo styles from traditional to modern styles to tattoos done with the aid of digital technology. The designs varied from very popular to a few that were done in a single stroke.

There’s one tattoo style that Samoan people are renowned for and that is the long face style. These tattoos were given for their strength as a nation. These symbols show strength and might also have an influence on them. There’s also a style that is the shape of the head. These are the most popular and there are many others.

The tattoos are done with long metal weapons, a tool similar to a knife, and with a metal hook or pole. It’s not just for show or decoration; you would do these tattoos to prove your will and to get that extra bit of strength, courage or courage to win over a challenge.

Do Tattoos Work?

There are those that think tattoos may work wonders to those that have them. That is not necessarily true. You can still get skin cancer, die from exposure or cancer, lose your eyesight and face the possibility of death from the effects of sun exposure if you can’t get a tattoo before the ink starts to dry.

In many instances, these tattoos do not help you win a battle or give you a confidence boost. They may help you find that elusive sense of accomplishment or simply look pretty. But,

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