Can Christians drink alcohol?


And will you be fined for?


It’s good for your health, and you should be able to enjoy it like your fellow human beings.

If you’re going to get high, I recommend a substance called ‘cannabis oil’. But the law isn’t the big issue here, unless the government decides to legislate something that is harmful to minors.

I’m sure you’ve thought this through. You probably think that there needs to be a good balance between liberty and morality. You think you agree that there must be no compulsion or force, but at the same time, you want to respect the laws.

But if I was in your shoes, I’d have thought the same thing. You may be an advocate of ‘the cause’, but you’re just doing it for the sake of being involved. That’s the whole point; you want to help people who are in need.

When I speak to people who have been arrested for ‘public drunkenness’, they come to me and plead for their freedoms. They’ll tell me that they want to be able to walk down the street without being detained. They want the police not to detain them at all.

So if you go to a beer festival, and a ‘beer police’ takes you out on a boat for a few hours. Do you tell anyone that you were arrested? No. Do you get any support from other ‘beer police’?

You’re asking me these questions thinking I’m talking about the police as a whole. But not all police are just like this. In fact, some have a really good reputation. They can help you make a positive difference. But the police don’t know the whole picture in every case. It’s just so easy to do something wrong and become an ‘outlaw’ and get arrested with absolutely no warning.

There is a certain amount of fear among those arrested, but at the same time, I’ve seen how people respond to this kind of treatment. The main thing is for us to be free from any fear, and we need people willing to protect us.

So, is the beer festival a suitable place to practice ‘alcoholism’?

No. I would say that when alcohol and cannabis mix it can be extremely dangerous. But if it’s just one substance, it’s better than nothing at all.

What about someone who’s not really a fan of beer?

No, they won’t