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I just have to do it. I want to see what happens. I have to be creative. I can’t be doing it in the morning before I go to sleep and not getting something done. So I have to do it all at once.

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Is that how you get your work done?

Oh yeah. Every night I would get in bed, take a shower, go to bed, get up early and get my work done before I go to bed.

So you do it alone most of the time?

Yeah, if my girlfriend isn’t home by 10:00.

What does she do?

She stays in bed and reads. She has her own computer and is doing a lot of her web sites online. I’m in there most of the night. I do like to get up in the morning and give her a hug and talk.

So that’s what you do when you’re not in school?

I get a few hours of sleep.

Did you have a dream like that?

I dreamt of being an actor. I get up one day and do some work for a couple days, don’t get paid, and don’t have enough credit cards. I get up, get to the bank, give them my Social Security number, and I get their card number. It takes like an hour and a half, and I’m like, “I want one more thing to do: I want a movie.”

So do you get a movie?

I got one. I got two. Both of them are comedies.

Were your two comedies about different socialites?


What’s the first one?

My second one is about a woman in jail, a woman named Amy.

So what’s the second?

Her boyfriend gets out of jail; she gets in trouble. It’s about her relationship with his ex-wife.

So those are the two comedies?

Yeah. I guess if it was the first one I wouldn’t really do anything. But with the second one, it was like, “Alright, I’m having fun.” It really was like a dream and you just have to go with that.

What did you get for doing that?

It’s a DVD called “The Girl Next Door.” That’s like a script from the movie. I made it myself, for free. I have to tell

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