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I’ve heard of people doing it.”

What is the best way to learn the correct time to draw?

The best way is to watch YouTube. If you find a drawing on YouTube that doesn’t work for you, you’ll know more than you think you do. It can’t be a matter of “drawing like this” or “draw like that” because it has more to do with how you view the drawing that goes into a drawing, how much effort you take to make it in the first place. It’s got to be a really good drawing or good communication. If you don’t have a good relationship with what you’re doing, you’re never going to have good practice.

When it comes to having a good practice, and when you get a practice, it’s up to the instructor. It’s up to the teacher whether they’re working with you or not. That person has a great relationship with their students and a good relationship with the studio.

“When I watch it, it’s not like I’m sitting in the chair or watching someone else.”

What are the best ways to work out on stage?

The best way to work out on stage is to have a good partner. I’ve been fortunate to have a good partner in that I’ve been able to take pictures and have great times. I still work hard, but it’s not as intense because I work with a good partner here and there and you see me move and you see me put on the best outfit. But in terms of having the time to sit down and write lines, the time does not exist for me that comes anywhere close to working on stage. There’s not a day for me that goes by where I take a day off.

I have my best friends who take me to work shows and take me out to dinner to help me work on my stuff. A friend who used to be a professional dancer turned up and he does some shows and he’s a really great dancer who really helps me out.

You know who else was a great dancer? Michael Jackson. That’s what’s amazing. Those are the people that I’m lucky enough to be around today.

On his Instagram, in 2015, you say Michael Jackson didn’t let you down. How about the other greats who you did work with?

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I love that guy. He’s incredible. I met him when I was younger and met his son on the way up. Then of course, my

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