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We can go with tattoos, and we can go with whatever we want. We don’t even have to show the world.

“I think this is a really awesome idea, something that should really happen,” Mr. Vosburgh said.

He said he wanted to start a program to promote the practice of what might be called kink in the entertainment industry, in a broad sense to encompass not only the sexual activities, but the nonsexual behavior and the way a subculture has been built around those activities.

“It’s hard to measure,” Mr. Vosburgh said, but “the way these things have spread to pop culture, I think it should be measured.”

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Mr. Vosburgh said he had been in touch with a number of studios which offer kinky programming. “The studios I have been in touch with have shown interest in getting involved with the kinky community to expand it,” Mr. Vosburgh said.

In a recent article in Vulture: “Sex on Film,” Michael K. Williams, the writer of the article, says that he, too, hoped that studios would have a “pivotic role in the movement” of the phenomenon.

He said, however, he thinks the studios may actually be trying to capitalize on their own kink market share rather than helping to expand the community. “It’s not like kink has become something that can’t be embraced in mainstream movies or shows anymore, but the way it has become commercialized is that studios have been able to turn the mainstream public into the audience they would have been otherwise,” said Mr. Williams. “And I worry about that.”

Mr. Vosburgh, who is the creator of “Kink: The Movie,” said that he hoped to find a place in the studios to help promote the community, but that they could not make a direct deal until they have signed an agreement with a studio or if the community had an established foothold in the industry. “I feel as though the kinky communities are already on the map in that they’re already known through film,” Mr. Vosburgh said, “so we can’t really hope to change that.”

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However, as a kink community and an industry, their presence is more than welcome, and Mr. Vosburgh plans to meet with a number of people about their ideas. “I think one idea I’ve been talking to many people about is to try

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