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When you buy an expensive tattoo at a high-end tattoo shop, do you expect it to last more than 8 years? I don’t know and when I did a large, one-of-a-kind portrait, it is not going to last long. And most tattoos that appear fake or have been replaced a time or two are easily replaced with a more permanent and realistic one. There are a few exceptions to this (e.g., the huge, elaborate, gold-on-gold “gilded crucifix”.) As for permanent tattoos, what I have listed above is “the good stuff”.

How long should I expect to wait before a tattoo becomes an expensive, permanent reminder of myself?

A tattoo, if worn by someone who is at least 25 years old, is no longer a “baby” but an “adult” thing. That’s a long time to wait, but we must remember that it used to be that one needed at least one to two years between minor modifications of their “laboratory”. Since a tattoo is now more than simply a permanent scar, it is not an “adult” thing any more; rather a permanent reminder of the person who received it. The same goes for a tattoo, regardless of where or when it was done.

When I saw that my favorite tattoo artist, TheTattyDavy (T.D. on IG) had a tattoo in the process, my mind immediately turned to the topic of aging. In fact, I had recently been reading about the “Age Problem.” In this book there was an article published in the “Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics” about the fact that when we age, our immune system starts to “clout” (aka, break or destroy itself). It makes us age 10 years less per day. In this article, the author states, “This means that we will also see an increase in skin cancers, osteosarcoma – a disease causing brittle bones – and other debilitating conditions, due to the lack of effective treatment.”

This is a very real, very real problem (there are so many more articles about this to go through in more detail; I won’t go there; I’ll just say that it’s a real problem for those over the age of 60.) So the question is, which is better? Which comes in cheaper, quicker, or has the effect of increasing in a very good direction over time?

There is a lot I could say here

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