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When someone is in your life for any length of time, the Bible says not to swear to them. God has told us not to swear at all. But what about when we do, and do swear? The answer is you can never make a promise to a person who is not one’s own. When you’re in church, the Lord said you can’t swear at anyone until you are an adult. That’s a point God does not want you to have at. Because that is the worst thing you can do—you take the time to promise something that is not in God’s will.”

How much money does Scripture condemn?

“I think I would say it’s between $150,000 and $250,000. How much? It would vary a little bit depending on our church. One of the things that comes to mind is the $500,000 you had to pay after church.”

If you can afford $250,000 to go public, how many more do you need to do to get in there?

“This is the most common question I get these days. How much can we raise?

“What we do know, as pastors, we try to get our ministries going. One thing we tried to do is get our churches going, get people together to try to make a difference, build a reputation and have people come to us. We tried to start this ministry to tell the world we do love people. We try to make a difference, so we try to go out there and do things that have a real impact. We’re not in a position to spend a lot of money on it. We’re in a position to help others.”

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We just spent the day talking to these pastors—many of those were just as passionate in their condemnation of profanity as we were!

“I think we all agree profanity is not acceptable, right? But it comes to this, that people think it’s not in God’s view of people to profane our message or language. It’s not.

“When the Lord commanded us, to tell the world, we think that’s a good thing to do. But when the Lord commanded us to take money from people, to curse somebody and then curse their name, and then curse their descendants—to do that over this period of time—that we think that’s really evil.

“I remember, we took a picture of our website, and it was a little red sign, and it

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