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No, he doesn’t. The Greek word for swear is πολήγου. When someone is being sworn at, their tongue is normally held down. The tongue is not used for swearing in biblical times. The word ‘swear’ is probably the same as the Greek words translated ‘swear word’ in both Leviticus and Deuteronomy, which can all be translated as ‘a word that indicates or is associated with swearing’:

The term that we are using today is more of a ‘word that is associated’ than anything else, rather than a word that actually implies swearing. The Hebrew word for swear is πολήγου. So if we were to go around and swear in any culture that spoke those two languages, we’d have to be quite careful, just as you would with a normal swear word. However, in the Bible, we can’t really use the word swearing as we do in the Jewish culture, because we’re in the middle of the Book of Exodus. The word יְהוּם is used when we see something that’s wrong: We’re not really swearing by going around beating people. The only time we would swear at someone would be when the Bible says that someone is going to be brought in to be judged. Then the word would be used, in the same way, for ‘for the purpose of causing harm.’ So there’s no actual Hebrew word that means ‘swear’, but that’s the meaning of the Greek word that’s used to translate the Hebrew word for oath. Leviticus 24:31: ‘But you were the ones who said, “If there is a woman who has been raped and her rapist comes to you and says, ‘Why isn’t your neighbor to blame?’

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Does the Bible say to swear at all?

Not to say that swearing is against the law, but that’s not what the Bible says. The Bible actually gives examples of people swearing, for example, the two people who were swearing during the destruction of the Temple. But the Bible says that is a special occasion. Moses had already told the people that it was the Day of Atonement – that they shouldn’t swear to anything! Exodus 34:31: But the people said, “If our brothers and sisters have committed crimes, how much bigger will be our sins! Let us take vengeance on those we have sinned against today.” But Moses said, “No one has

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