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We don’t mean to suggest that swearing violates biblical standards. God would not have said that the Hebrews were not to swear, nor would He instruct us to go against divine commands, when speaking in such contexts as, “If any man will swear, be it by an oath or by anything else, him it is guilty of sin.”

God commands us to say what we mean when we swear, and to hold ourselves accountable. But there is no biblical support for calling upon God’s enemies to swear, and any such statement by an unbeliever would be a sin.

The Scriptures are clear that any man or woman who sins against God, should not swear at all. The word “swear” means to swear “by,” and the Bible clearly gives us clear instructions on what we must do when swearing. In the New Testament, Paul urges us to hold ourselves accountable to God, even if that means we disobey God in order to do so. In one sense, such a stance is similar to Christ’s teaching on holiness, in that it requires us to hold ourselves accountable to Christ for not only the sin we cause our neighbors, but to Christ also if we sin on our own.

The Bible does not say that swearing is illegal per se, though it certainly does say to avoid it. While it is true that we should not swear, it is no more a crime to be forced to do so than it is to refrain from swearing if commanded to do so by God. God did not command us not to use force when speaking when we didn’t mean to do so, and it is an offense for God to demand that we swear at all.

God gave us an entirely lawful way to swear – a sign, a word or gesture. It is a sin to willfully violate this command.

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Does God require me to say that a woman cannot hold the priesthood of Christ?

Many people have wrongly assumed that God requires that we utter this phrase; however, we are to understand His words differently. The New Testament does not say that Christ is the only Savior, but it does state that His “head” is the Catholic Church. Therefore, it is our solemn obligation to tell His people, the Lord’s people, that this statement does not necessarily apply in their case.

We are commanded to speak the truth of Christ, his Son (Ephesians 2:8). However, we are also commanded to preach that Christ is Lord as He has been declared by His apostles

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