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Question: “A few days ago, one of my church friends asked why it is better to keep my family’s name, than my real name. I explained for him that in some parts of England, people don’t have names, so are just called ‘Bogans,’ and in the USA, people are given middle names. But in this country, people are allowed to change their names, if their real name isn’t recognized. So why did he ask that? I do remember I was taught as a young woman that you could change your middle name, but only if it was not a Christian name. Is it okay for me to not do it? I don’t want to lose my friends!”

Answer: One person asked how Christian he is, while another asked about my Christian name. When I explained to my friend that I wanted to keep it, he responded that ‘God is so fair, that He doesn’t bother with names’, and that it is his name. The two people then asked me what name I was getting in the wedding party. And I couldn’t answer for them, because I could easily tell the truth.

I am not a Christian (not yet)!

Question: “I have a friend, who is a Christian, but she tells me that she was in a relationship with her Christian friend for a few months, but it has just turned bad. Their relationship is over, and now she has begun to date her Christian friend. She also told me her Christian friend told her that she shouldn’t have any kind of relationship with her Christian friend, and she should instead try to get married, so as to not lose her Christian friends and her precious Christian family by leaving them over there, and I am wondering how they have come to this decision. My Christian friends are good and honest friends, but she is now dating her Christian friend.”

Answer: While I’m in no way an authority on my Christian friends, I do believe that, if you live long enough, there will come a time when you become convinced that it is more important for both of you to live your lives apart than to be in a committed relationship with each other.

The Bible doesn’t say to stay away from the word ‘church’

Question: “What is the real name of the church? If I am going to stay at church, is it “The Christian Church of the United States” or is it “The Christian Church”? I have been here for a while now, and

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