How do you design a tattoo? – Collage Tattoo

I think the greatest artist of all time is a woman named Alice Cooper, who I think did a great job on this. I think tattooing is really simple, it doesn’t take that long, and it’s not about any one technique. I think it’s about having an idea. So if a tattoo artist had an idea and they had to put the ink back into the vein, they have an idea in their head of what they’re going to do in that space. Then as it goes from here, they can either use that idea as a blueprint, a template, as a template for new designs, or be more creative with where they put it. The ideas are there, so as soon as you start creating a tattoo, it doesn’t matter what the shape is, or what the line is. The idea is in your head, it is a guideline for the next design, so the idea can be the first step. The second step will be to put another idea in your head, a template or a template for the next design, for that idea to be like a template. When you’ve done that, then it really is about finding a way to communicate those ideas across a different space.

As soon as an idea is decided on, the next step is creating a design that fits within the template, and then figuring out what materials we’ll need to have on the tattoo to be able to put them in and how. If there’s something you don’t fully know, it can be pretty hard to figure out what material it’s going to be on. So it’s really important to figure out what to expect from it. In a lot of ways, it’s as simple as painting some ink and letting it dry.

Once the design is all done, we’ll go onto the actual tattoo. I think there’s some basic principles that an artist should follow and it’s something that I’ve always carried over from the tattooing world. The first thing to do when you start is have the tattoo artist bring the design in so there’s not too much left over. For me, I bring something that is a bit different. To make it different I draw in a pen, make it look a bit more messy, and just make it a little more cartoon. So I’ll put in a little cartoon, maybe a face in there, a funny face. I’ll try to pick up on the characteristics of someone I know who owns the design, maybe a personality or a voice. Sometimes I’ll use the concept of

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