How do you design a tattoo? – Tattoo Tester

It starts with the sketch.

For design: We wanted to make a piece of art that would stay with the wearer even after being fully immersed in a tattoo artist’s office for hours.

For design: We felt that tattooing would require no other input than the skin being painted on to be aesthetically pleasing. So, we wanted to create an art tattoo that would remain true to the original design by the tattoo artist, and not have any other markings.

For design: We wanted a tattoo that would have a very specific meaning, which would tie it in with the original artwork, so that it would last, even after the tattoo artist’s long hours. We wanted a piece of artwork that would not detract from the design, but become an extension of it. We felt that there should never be any kind of stylistic overtones or embellishments to the tattoo.

For design: We thought that people looking at the tattoo in the future would be struck on how perfectly it captures the spirit of the original artwork.

For design: We wanted a tattoo to look as good as possible. We knew what we wanted it to look like, so we started with a large selection of tattoo artists to start with, and we went from there.

What type of process did you use?

We had two types of tattoos working. We did both anodizing and lacquer.

For anodizing: For anodizing, you use a technique that basically means you dye the object blue under high heat and then you put it on. This is pretty much the most painful method of creating tattoo metal, but it yields a nice blue look to the piece. It produces something that is hard as steel and tough as aluminum, and it looks amazing.

We chose anodizing after using anodizing on a piece of paper for quite some time.

For lacquer: Lacquer is the least invasive method of tattoo metal, as it only requires that you cover the skin with a thin layer of the lacquer, and then apply a thin coating of a paint or finish that lasts for at least three weeks. This method is very easy to use and the results are just amazing. But it doesn’t have the same high quality effects.

It was a good choice for us, but we had already had a really solid tattoo that we had created earlier. We knew that we wanted to start with a new tattoo design, and decided to start with a new piece

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