How tall is Jesse Smith?

He’s a tall man, but he’s definitely taller than you and me, because I’m only 5’2″. So how do you think that he can handle this role?

He certainly gets to play at a height where he’s very comfortable, and because he’s a big guy, his physicality is just incredible. He doesn’t stand on a platform here and start kicking people who’re not even standing in front of him. He’s really got a strong presence, a powerful presence, and his timing is phenomenal. I remember in a match at Old Trafford, there was one moment I watched where it was a really long kick to set-up a goal for his team-mate who was playing on the left, to the right-hand side of the field, and the ball was coming up the left wing. That was one of the most difficult challenges Jesse has had to face, being in the right-hand side. I think he’s adapted really well to the challenge of playing in the right-hand side. He’s done really really well for us and his mentality matches his height.

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And you’ve made a career out of working with the big boys. How much has the experience helped you in the field?

It has definitely helped me a lot. Having worked with the big boys, playing against them, learning what works and what doesn’t. It’s helped me a lot, particularly in the transition phase of the season. When I first came in, we were only playing four matches a week. The first two or three weeks I was just playing for the love of the game. As I grew up playing football, I realized how important it is to have a consistent routine of training and playing and to be able to keep that energy and that drive. I try and keep that up in season, and that’s what I like to work on in the summer.

What’s it like to share a football field with players like the two centre halves of Leicester City? Did they inspire you a lot?

It was fantastic. We were talking about it at the start of the year. It was great sharing a field. He’s been incredible, really fantastic. You think of him and Jesse, but what he’s done for us in the past few years is unbelievable. I can’t imagine anyone making a bigger impact to the Leicester City cause than that. He’s