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A spokesman for the World Health Organisation (WHO) said while it respected the views of groups calling for a repeal, the advice to abstain from alcohol has become widely recognised as the best approach. He said: “The world health organisation in 2014 called on people to ‘avoid excessive drinking and excessive drug use’. This advice remains the highest and most respected global guideline on the prevention and control of alcohol-related harm, and in view of the clear evidence on harm related to alcohol, we should do everything we can to promote its beneficial health and social effects. It is not possible to eradicate alcohol or reduce its harms without an overall plan to prevent the damage that alcohol does in society.”
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However, some campaigners have called for an outright repeal, including the Alcohol Action Coalition, which says that its members already drink the legal alcohol limit.

A statement from the campaign organisation noted that the advice of the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt – who has called for a ban on advertising that promotes alcohol – was still relevant because the British government already bans alcohol advertising through the TV advertising system. “We still believe we have to take a strong action and look at banning ads that reinforce harmful messages such as excessive drinking,” said its chairman, Dr Michael Rea. “We would want to ban ads that promote a drinking culture … and also make it illegal to promote an alcoholic drink to a young person or an alcoholic drink to an older person.”

Henderson claims some groups opposed to a ban – such as the Conservative party – will use “the most ludicrous arguments and propaganda” to back down on the issue. “We are not afraid to put our values up against those of a government, but we need to be very clear that this is a government that stands for a strong, modern approach to drugs.”

There’s a new sheriff in town. Former NFL wide receiver Josh Gordon is set to make his Cleveland Browns debut on Friday night.

But while most people know Gordon as the player who led all rookies in receiving touchdowns in 2012, few know that his life changed just two weeks after his final game for the San Francisco 49ers.

Gordon went to the ER for a sinus hemorrhage that may have been caused by a blood clot in his left big toe. He also received stitches to close the cut.

He was discharged from the hospital the same evening, but after he got home from work the next day, he noticed that the toe was numb and had swollen.

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