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Does God not love you? Do not get drunk at church, go to the movies, take your kids to the beach, or play basketball with your buddies. We’re talking about our God here — not any other! What about the whole “God gave us the gift of tongues” thing? If you read the scriptures, I’m sure he did some wonderful things for us. Why doesn’t Satan try for the same power?

“I have also known these men — I was present at their first meal. It took them two hours to make dinner. Then they took some wine and drank much. I stood by and watched them, and it was horrible. I was disgusted. A couple of days later, the apostles went to eat at that same restaurant . . . and that happened to me. I was in the audience, and I heard two men talking. I was afraid that they had taken drugs. They didn’t act crazy, but they were talking stupid. One had a little red face. The other looked like a maniac. They talked about Jesus. . . . They asked, ‘If he had a wife, what would you do about her?’ They were talking so much that I began to feel uneasy. Then I heard another voice saying, ‘You know what, you’re not going to take that advice from us.’ They kept talking. A few days later, they were sitting back at their table, still talking. They looked as if they planned on going on to heaven and taking every last drop of it. It was horrible. I saw them afterward . . . drunk, but totally destroyed. And I was convinced that they must have taken some sort of drug.

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Another of them started crying and said, ‘I’m only joking.’ . . . They said, ‘No, you are drunk. You don’t see what you’re doing.'”

3. There is a temptation to try to be good in other people’s eyes. This may be because we are so used to being judged by our own friends and family, and don’t want to draw the penalty that would be associated with bad behavior. Of course this could be a problem in other places too. The trouble is we all have those people, both good and bad. Jesus said of people he had never met, “I cannot forgive their sin because of the way they are trying to please me. How can I turn the other cheek? . . . If I have forgiven their sin, they also have to be forgiven; and so the law

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