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Do you have to buy the right types of shoes to wear? Of course not.

Do you know why the old saying went, that the only road to hell was paved with good intentions? It wasn’t because the devil was in charge of human society or anything, but it was because it was all about human greed and self-interest.

And that’s exactly what it’s about in America today. And it’s why the world hates the United States.

To answer the question “do you live in a Christian nation?” Yes, I do in the United States of America.

If you live alone, you are a Christian, if you live with someone who is not a Christian, you are a Christian, and if you share a house with a Christian, you are a Christian. We are all Christian, and yet our government and society still insists on dividing the church into different churches so that it can be lesseningly taxed and more tightly controlled. (But I’m digressing.)

All countries of the world are governed by laws, and the same thing applies here too. People cannot make laws without knowing what they are doing.

Every single day millions of Americans work, eat, and sleep believing that the law is their god’s law. When asked whether a child should be circumcised (as in the U.S.), the questioners ask if your child does or should be circumcised.

But it is not the law of God. It is the law of the United States of America.

This isn’t a matter of what the Church teaches, but of why the Church should be treated the way it does.

This is why the anti-Christian politicians and pundits constantly remind America “what about Israel”? In what ways is Israel being attacked by its government? Why is Israel singled out as being a target by Americans?

Is it because their lives are not protected by their own government?

It’s because it is not fair to Israelis and Christians.

Because the United States and Israel share the same religion?

It’s because Israel and America believe in and defend the same god.

Because the United States and Israel consider themselves equal partners in a common cause?

It’s because America and Israel recognize the common threat from terrorism?

Because both Jews and Christians are persecuted all over the world?

Because many in the world are threatened by anti-christian groups?

It’s because they are one

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