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The Bible doesn’t teach it is a sin to eat meat, or that the world’s leaders disapprove or disapprove of eating meat. Rather, it’s true that God’s word is clear to all in Genesis 2:18 that God hates sin. It isn’t the case that God is a vegetarian—it’s the case that he has no interest in eating meat. The God of the Bible, however, doesn’t actually eat pork. If you are looking for proof, consider 1 Cor. 11:28—the first passage of Scripture that teaches God’s command to eat meat is given to Timothy and his brothers, not God the Father, the God of heaven and earth.

Does it matter whether humans eat pork, or whether Jesus is the first to eat meat?

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The idea that Jesus was the first to eat meat has been the subject of Christian debate since about the year 4 B.C.E. While some claim it proves that Jesus was a vegetarian, the reality is that Jesus had many disciples (Mark 10:11). And this is consistent with the Jewish dietary prohibition against the eating of pork by the time of the Gospel. In fact, that prohibition was most recently codified (as it is written) by King David of Judah in the Old Testament, just as Jesus began preaching (Romans 13:1-2). There is simply no question that Jesus practiced his Christian life from the time of his death until his resurrection—and that includes eating pork.

What about all the vegetarian food eaten by Jesus and his disciples during the days of Jesus?

We have the Word of God to guide us to what really is true and what is not. We are taught that the apostles practiced vegetarianism and that Jesus did practice his Christian life from the day of his death until his resurrection. We have also found it has been the case for centuries that Jesus was the first to eat pork by the time of the New Testament. In fact, Peter’s letter to the Philippians reads:

“If one eats and drinks and thinks he has satisfied his conscience by eating, is it a sin? But if he eats and drinks and says, ‘God, if thou be willing, wilt thou not also spare my life?—I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus.'”

Peter’s statement was addressed to Christians who claim that vegetarianism is the only way, or even the only way, to live. The problem is we find it difficult to understand the word “satisfaction”

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