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SALT LAKE CITY — We often hear the admonition from Mormon leaders that “meat is not God’s work, therefore it is not something to be eaten because it is a mortal matter.” But is it? The scripture that Mormons often cite to support their opinion that meat is sinful tells us that we should not eat meat in spite of it being a “sustainable, loving, God-ordained food,” but should consume it because it is “the best food” because it is “the least costly.” So is it a sin to eat a pork hamburger in the name of the Lord? If it is, then it’s a sin to eat a pork hamburger of any color.

We asked the LDS Church about its teaching on pork and hamburgers and were told it is not a sin to eat a bacon-wrapped hamburger given that the meat was “consumed in righteousness.” But that doesn’t hold water. Why? There are two major reasons.

The first is that the word “consumed” in the scripture implies that the meat has a certain sort of flavor that can only be enjoyed by those who can bear it. So a bacon-wrapped hamburger is not “consumable.” The second is the “blood of the lamb” doctrine taught in the Doctrine and Covenants. If the meat is “consumable,” then it is not blood.

As for the LDS doctrine on blood, it is an interesting one. It’s similar to the story of Ham and Lazarus. As Jesus tells it, Lazarus is sitting on the banks of the Jordan River. His brother Joseph asks him what he is doing. He tells him, “Lazarus, father of lost sheep.” Jesus tells him, “Lazarus, son of Joseph, was dead, and is buried.” And he tells him, “Follow me.” When the two of them came to where Lazarus was, they saw “great multitudes.”

The next day they took him to the grave and raised him. When they had raised him high in the vault and bound his hands and feet with a scarlet cloth, they took out five loaves and two fishes, and gave them to the multitude that were there. Then they gave Lazarus a cup of water, and he when he received it, put his hand over the water, saying, “Drink of this; it is sufficient for me.”

In Luke 10:18-20, Jesus taught the disciples that if a man

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