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Sinner is that he is a Muslim. He has been told that he is a Muslim. A Muslim is a person who carries out the obligations for life, has full faith, and does what was required of him.

He has to believe in God and in Muhammad. He has to be a Muslim and live a life which respects Islam.
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Sinner is the sin of a Muslim in accepting a faith which contradicts his own reason. A Muslim who does an act forbidden by Islam must have an explanation before he is killed.

Sinner in committing an act prohibited by Islam. That is the sin of all Muslims. Every Muslim has something called a jizya. If he does an act that is forbidden by Islam, the jihad may be his in this world until the end of time when the jizya will be his payment in the Hereafter.

When a Muslim kills an unbeliever, he receives the penalty. The penalty is jizya and can be paid in two ways. First, a Muslim has to pay in his own money. If he does this, he will be allowed to live in paradise. He will be able to take a wife and have children like any of our other believers.

The second way is if he pays in money which can be redeemed in another way. It is like that of a Jew or Christian. He gives his jizya in this way until he loses his freedom. When he loses that freedom, then the jihad starts in the Hereafter.

All those who have killed unbelievers in this life have received the kafirah – the cutting off of the hand and the foot. However, if an unbeliever dies in war, the kafirah is upon him, for he is an infidel who has killed his brother in Allah’s cause.

Some of the people have been killed in war without having incurred any infidel punishment. The kafirah is upon him, for he has killed his own brother in Allah’s cause.

In our time, we see Muslims, especially in Europe, attacking Europeans. They attack us because they do not want Muslims to live in Europe.

A Muslim has to obey and obey his religion so that he can be saved from the punishment in this world. If a Muslim does not obey his religion, he cannot be saved from the punishment in the Hereafter.

A Muslim must obey all laws, even if they are wrong. He is not allowed to break

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