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The Prophet was asked whether he ever saw a hypocrite in Islam. He answered: “I shall not be able to say whether a person is a hypocrite or not.” (Hadith No: 494) It is an open and self-evident fact that this hadith is devoid of any significance – it makes no mention of the individual and nothing of their deeds. Moreover, the hadith is so meaningless, it is very difficult to believe that the Prophet was speaking out of knowledge of the law, but that he had some knowledge of the social and legal rules of society. He never once mentioned this hadith.

It is important to examine if this hadith has any meaning in the context and circumstances in which the Prophet delivered it. The Prophet explained that there existed between the male and the female what he calls “two types of believers: the disbelievers and the believers of truth”, and he stated that there existed between those two types of believers some of the same deeds, and that there existed some of the same virtues, while there existed some of the same vices (as the Qur’an describes them. Hadith No: 587; Hadith No: 584 ).

This hadith also presents a clear demonstration that men and women, and in particular young boys and girls, are not equal, as they differ according to sex, and the Prophet was stating this as a matter of fact so that all Muslims would understand its implications – that there existed a certain difference between the genders – that these differences are not in the form of differences in the way people behave, but are in the actual character of their minds and souls, so that in order for any difference to exist it needs to be created by human hands and human heart, and not by God.

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We believe that, in regard to the principle that God never created any creature differently from what it is today according to its social and legal status, and that for all creation we are all one (cf. Qur’an 4:3 ), that we may be sure of something from God, that he created all of creation the same way, according to the conditions in which it is today, and by this means he will not ever create something different from a thing that he has created; and that therefore, God has promised that all of human destiny is guided by a divine intention, since Allah, the Lord of the universe, created all creation at once before He created the universe.

God’s words in the Qur’an (cf. Qur

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