What are the tattoo styles? – Blues Music Tattoo Designs For Men

This blog was created to gather tattoo styles for anyone who may want to wear a tattoo while on an expedition in Alaska.

This blog is not intended to be a definitive guide for tattoo styles but rather to show what different tattooers specialize in.

To keep your eyes open to other styles, the majority of people here get their tattoos either through tattoo studios around the world, from tattoo artists in Alaska, or from an artist that they met. It may also be possible to find someone here who does what you are looking for via internet search.

Please note there are different styles of tattooing and different cultures in Alaska.

If you are interested in a particular style of tattooing or if you have a favorite tattoo artist, please feel free to let me know via the Contact page.

Check out The Tattooing of Alaska by Travi, Lili & Tom


This is another short post but I wanted to share something that the original author has written here a few weeks ago and I think it stands as an important post. This is a guest post by David Allen.

After I had finished my graduate studies at MIT many years ago, I went back to teaching. I got a teaching job at a liberal arts college where I remained for a few years. The problem was that I didn’t like teaching. I was a mediocre teacher, not a student. My first semester was particularly bad.

I was very unhappy. I thought that I was having trouble teaching because teachers tend not to really get into their students, and most teachers don’t spend a lot of time actually having a conversation with their students. But I also thought that it was due to the way that we teachers were trained in the late 1960s and early 1970s. We worked in a time when learning was more visual, when students would interact with their teachers with visual media, rather than in the more traditional oral form. We worked in a world of the “teaching of” and “writing of”… and the whole concept of the “teacher” was an abstraction. And, I thought my teaching was not doing any good in any of these areas.

We were in the process of being trained to teach people through the “writer of” rather than through the “teacher of,” the “teacher of” being written as the “teacher of the”, and teaching through the “writer of” became the new “teacher of,” and that became the new “writing of.”

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