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Traditional tattoos offer a great amount of personality to the subject, regardless of whether he or she wants to express this in traditional manner. As a consequence, traditional tattoo artists are renowned for their individual vision and artistic brilliance. Many of them draw a line between the formal and the intimate and strive to present an artist’s unique point of view on how a traditional tattoo could be achieved.

Traditional tattoos are usually limited to a large band of colors at a single location. Although tattoo artists can create an incredible variety of different styles using these patterns, they all use a single pattern and use one color as their base. The reason behind this is that traditional tattooing is not a tattooing process that would fit into any of these color schemes; the more colors you employ, the more different the colors that you can use and the more personality that you can pack within a single design. Some tattoo artists actually try to combine several different color schemes with a single design to create a more cohesive design that blends in better with the background.

With traditional tattoos, an artist takes the time to learn and create many different styles in order to deliver a tattoo that represents the individual personality of the recipient.

How much culture do traditional tattoos represent?

Traditional tattoos on women are more colorful in size and are often a medium in which you can express something as simple as your favorite song or poem.

On men, tattoos often represent one specific moment in time, such as a childhood illness or a life change.

On children, tattoos often represent a happy moment of a positive childhood event, such as an important parent’s birthday.

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On adults, tattoos often represent important life milestones such as marriage, death, retirement or a major life event.

What defines a traditional tattoo in a Western context?

These days, there are no single definitions that are used throughout the world. For example, traditional tattoos in Korea often depict a family portrait of the recipient followed by one of their grandparents.

In Japan, tattoos are often associated with the relationship between the recipient and their family, although there are other forms of tattooing that are accepted that are not influenced by traditional Japanese design.

Why do traditional tattoos exist in the first place?

Tattoo shops are often called traditional tattoo shops due to their emphasis on traditional tattoo art. For instance, Japanese tattoo shops call these places ‘kamikaze tattoo studios’. In the US, they are called ‘traditional tattoo parlors’.

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