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The Church believes cremation of the body is a form of penance for which there is no need to be ashamed. The Vatican has said that all Catholics are obliged to make an effort to have their ashes removed from their homes. But the church also accepts cremation when it is agreed that the body would not be fitting for burial.

Cremation is also acceptable for those who have no immediate need for it, such as children in foster care, senior citizens, the infirm and people unable to work.

What if my spouse doesn’t want me to have his or her ashes?

Cremation can be a way of expressing regret for a death that has occurred, which can be a difficult course of action for many people. Some people may choose to have the ashes taken to a local church to be placed in an urn. And some churches may not receive ashes, or refuse to receive them, if a priest is accompanying the person.

When a person gives his or her ashes to a burial company, the company receives a bill from the cremation company. This bill must be paid by the person who has been cremated. If not, the funeral home is liable for the funeral.

But the funeral arrangements may have already been agreed to with the death certificate. In this case, the cremation company is still required to pay to the funeral home any bills, even if the burial company gets a bill from the death certificate.

In order to make sure the cremation company has received enough money from the deceased, or if the burial company is not making enough money from the cremation, the cremation company must either sue the burial company or the funeral home.

What about casket sales and other funeral-related expenses?

Certain funeral-related expenses such as casket sales and casket storage do not require a Catholic burial, although you should contact the funeral home before considering doing so.

Some funeral directors may be unaware of certain funeral-related expenses and may charge a fee. If so, be sure to contact the funeral director immediately to learn about the amount of your bill.
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Can I bury my loved one without paying the funeral bill?

No. The Church has said that cremation of a body is a form of penance and therefore a form of penance, so the person paying for cremation cannot claim that funeral expenses are not related to the death.

I am a lay Catholic and do not believe in a Catholic

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