What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Star Tattoo Designs For Womens Wrist

Can Catholicism be an appropriate way to die?

No. Catholics are taught that they are not allowed to have an individual funeral, but to be buried in holy places, or in a cemetery, or to be buried in a Church. You will be reburied according to the Roman Law of tombs, and that the ashes may be collected into a chalice. You will be buried in one of the church cemeteries, with the same rites, and all graves may be honored. The Catholic Church does not believe that cremation of corpses is appropriate for the deceased. Instead, cremation is something Catholic families do on their own, with the help of a funeral director or funeral home in their home town, in accordance with the wishes of their dead family.

Can I have my ashes put in a box and not released outside of the family?

No. Cremation is not recommended for ashes that are made from an animal. In addition, as mentioned before, cremated ashes should be placed in a box at funeral service or cremation, to limit the chance of contamination. If you have your ashes put in a container, it will be more appropriate that the box is enclosed with a metal lid and is sealed shut and with some type of tape or other protection.

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Why is Catholic teaching against cremation and cremation after death?

A Catholic funeral home will not carry out a cremation if there is a known risk of contamination from a bodily substance. Cremation is a way Catholics have of dying that has not been approved by the Catholic Church through official church teachings and teachings. This is to protect the loved one from the effects of a bodily substance. There are also many religious reasons that are part of the Catholic teachings to avoid cremation.

How should people be affected if there is a health concern regarding cremation?

If you have questions, please contact your local Catholic funeral home office immediately. They will be able to help you, in any way possible, by answering your questions.

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